Components of Collaboration


What are staff members from Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies, postsecondary Disability Support Services (DSS), and college Career Centers saying about critical components of collaboration?

"Our college often places a heavier emphasis on academics, accommodations... in first two years of college than on career planning. It puts a risk of putting career as add on at the end of the game. Important to connect earlier in the game."

"The student needs to provide permission to share information between campus services. Usually this is not a problem. It is helpful to confer about a case, compare notes about what we are seeing, diagnoses, etc."

"Consultative support should be available first, then meeting together about a student if necessary."

"All campus staff need education on disability awareness and etiquette."

"I think designating a liaison in each office to streamline communication about available programs and resources would be a good start."

College students with ASD benefit from the collaboration of ideas and shared college and community resources. This section will review characteristics of effective collaboration, provide an example of a collaboration model, offer practical tips for collaboration, and provide resources for obtaining further information on collaboration.