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Fact sheet "Durante las Reuniones no Soporto Cuando..." Una Guía para Facilitadores y Miembros del Equipo December 2015
Fact sheet "During Meetings I Can't Stand it When..." A Guide for Facilitators and Team Members November 2013
Research brief $30M in grants available for organizations to help young adults with juvenile or adult records gain job skills, start new careers Rebecca Dedmond March 2016
Fact sheet ¿Qué Quieres Ser Cuando Crezcas? May 2016
Web site 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) inititative
Webcast 7 Questions David Pitonyak 2016
Fact sheet A Guide to Increasing Independence on a Job Site
Other A Look Into Rural Foster Care Annika Olson June 2016
Web site A Special Issue of the Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research February 2015
Webcast A Successful Employment Experience for Individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome: What it Takes Tamara Eastman, Peter Skirbunt October 2012
Report A Transition Guide to Postsecondary Education and Employment for Students and Youth with Disabilities May 2017
Other A Transportation Guide for Persons who are Blind or Have Low Vision Crudden, A. 2018
Webcast Access to Medical Care in Disabled Minority Populations Eugenio Monasterio November 2011
Fact sheet Achieving Cross-System Collaboration to Support Young People in the Transition Years: A Tip Sheet for Service Providers Pauline Jivanjee, Eileen M. Brennan, Claudia Sellmaier, & M. Carolina Gonzalez-Prats December 2016
Web site Advancing Opportunities Solutions Center For Best Practices
Webcast Advancing Financial Literacy for Individuals with Disabilities Event Michael Morris, Executive Director, National Disability Institute 2018
Policy (e.g., PVR policy, etc.) Advice to Young Adults from Young Adults: Helpful Hints for Policy Change in the Mental Health System Nancy M. Koroloff, Barbara J. Friesen, & Nicholas Buekea. November 2016
Fact sheet Amended Americans with Disabilities Act Protects Many Pregnant Workers November 2014
Web site American Indian VR Training & TA Center
Fact sheet AMP’s Top Ten Tips for Engaging with Young People September 2016
Plain language summary An Aging Workforce: Preparing Job Seekers and Employers Project E3 January 2019
Book chapter An introduction to evidence-based practice approach to psychosocial interventions for people with chronic illness and disability. Pp. 3-16 Chan, F., Chronister, J., & da Silva Cardoso, E.
Webcast An Overview of Social Security Benefits for Transition Age Youth Lucy Miller April 2014
Webcast Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits for Transition Age Youth Lucy Miller May 2014
Webcast Asperger's Syndrome and the Transition to Adulthood: Considerations for Success Gena Barnhill June 2012
Webcast Assessing Social Abilities of Individuals with ASD Amanda Randall May 2016
Plain language summary Assessing the Climate of Disability Inclusion in the Workplace Project E3 May 2019
Web site Assets for Independence Resource Center
Fact sheet Autism Q&A: Social Skills Whitney Ham, Holly Whittenburg, & Jennifer McDonough October 2016
Webcast Autism Spectrum Disorder & Employment Peter Gerhardt
Webcast Barriers and Facilitators to Employment: Research Findings from a National Survey of People with Physical Disabilities Carolyn Graham June 2018
Webcast Becoming a First Class Noticer and Creatively Documenting Your Findings: Going beyond Seeing to Observing Nancy Brooks-Lane July 2017
Research brief Best Practices for Increasing Meaningful Youth Participation in Collaborative Team Planning Janet Walker, Barbara Friesen, Rujuta Gaonkar, Beckie Child, Laurie Powers, Ariel Holman, Bradley Belka, Angel Moore, Stephanie Boyer, Brandy Sweeney, Loretta Cone, Nathan Tanner, Kayla Griffin, Sonja Tanner, Mollie Janssen, Jackie, Trussel, Jan Lacy, Kenny Veres, Lynda Lowe October 2007
Report Beyond the Box
Fact sheet Beyond the Box May 2016
Report Beyond the Box: Increasing Access to Higher Education for Justice-Involved Individuals U.S. Department of Education May 2016
Web site Break Time for Nursing Mothers U.S. Department of Labor
Other Breaking the Cycle of Poverty, Two Generations At a Time. Dwyer Gunn October 2017
Fact sheet Building Community Supports for Young People in the Transition Years: A Tip Sheet for Service Providers Pauline Jivanjee, Eileen Brennan, M. Carolina Gonzalez-Prats, and members of the Transition Training Collaborative January 2016
Webcast Building Relationships with Employers Tim Riesen March 2018
Online training Business Engagement Basics for VR Professionals ExploreVR 2018
Other Career Planning Guide: A Guide for Career Discovery The Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council
Web site Casey Life Skills
Policy (e.g., PVR policy, etc.) Changing the Rules: A Guide for Youth and Young Adults with Mental Health Conditions Who Want to Change Policy Nancy M. Koroloff, Barbara J. Friesen, & Nicholas Buekea May 2017
Report Characteristics and Experiences of Youth who are Deaf-Blind Michele C. McDonnall Jennifer Cmar January 2017
Research brief Child Protective Services May Link Families to Needed Income Supports
Research brief Child Protective Services May Link Families to Needed Income Supports (National Issue Brief #83) Walsh, W.A. and Mattingly, M.J.
Plain language summary Child Protective Services: Linking Families to Needed Income Supports
Web site Child Welfare Information Gateway
Plain language summary Community Conversations: Turn Words into Actions ProjectE3 November 2016
Report Community Inclusion From the Perspective of Caregivers of People With Psychiatric Disabilities Plotnick, D. and Kennedy, J November 2016
White paper Competitive employment outcomes among racial and ethnic groups with criminal histories & mental impairment Jason Elliott Gines December 2013
Other Comprehensive Training for Deaf-Blind Persons and Their Support Service Providers
Webcast Confronting Disparities: Challenges for VR Research Paul Leung March 2013
Fact sheet Consejos sobre Competencias Básicas para Proveedores de Servicios de Transición Pauline Jivanjee, Eileen Brennan, & Claudia Sellmaier
Fact sheet Correctional Education Guidance Package
Toolkit Cosas Que la Gente Nunca Me Dijo Adrienne Croskey, Brad Pitts, Candis Williamson, Charlie McNeely, Mary Welch, Mika Wilder, Nicole Stapp, Pamela Butler, Shannon Turner May 2016
Webcast Creating Tribal TANF and WIOA Partnerships to Connect Tribal Families to Employment
Plain language summary Criminal Histories and RSA-911 Data: The Effect on Employment Outcomes for People of Color Receiving VR Services ProjectE3
Webcast Cultural Competency in Rehabilitation Allen Lewis, Jenelle Pitt, Keith Wilson, Phillip Rumrill, Reginald Alston, Pamela Lewis, Andrew Imparato February 2010
Webcast Customized Employment Ellen Condon July 2014
Webcast Customized Employment as an Evidence-based Practice to Improve the Employment Outcomes of Transition-age Youth with Physical Disabilities Katherine Inge, Stephanie Lau February 2017
Fact sheet Customized Employment as an Evidence-Based Practice to Improve the Employment Outcomes of Transition-Age Youth with Physical Disabilities: Case Study #1 Katherine Inge, Stephanie Lau March 2017
Fact sheet Customized Employment as an Evidence-Based Practice to Improve the Employment Outcomes of Transition-Age Youth with Physical Disabilities: Case Study #3 Katherine Inge, Stephanie Lau May 2017
Fact sheet Customized Employment as an Evidence-Based Practice to Improve the Employment Outcomes of Transition-Age Youth with Physical Disabilities: Case Study 2 Katherine Inge, Stephanie Lau April 2017
Webcast Customized Employment for Transition-Age Youth with Physical Disabilities Pamelia Hinterlong, Stephanie Lau October 2015
Plain language summary Customized Employment Through the Eyes of Employers Project E3 June 2019
Fact sheet Customized Employment Topics: Social Capital Nancy Brooks-Lane, Walker Lane, and Katherine Inge March 2019
Book Customized Employment: Stories and Lessons from the Field Cary Griffin and Sherry Beamer, Editors 2017
Plain language summary Defining Customized Employment as an Evidence-Based Practice: The Results of a Focus Group Study VCU-RRTC June 2018
Fact sheet Defining, Supporting, and Sustaining the Peer Support Specialist Role July 2013
Web site Department of Labor
Other Disability and Rehabilitation Research Project on Customized Employment Customized Employment Case Study #1 Jenny Lichte, Dr. Katherine Inge, and Dr. Mary Ann Beckman June 2018
Other Disability and Rehabilitation Research Project on Customized Employment Customized Employment Case Study #2 Kaitlin Jones, Dr. Katherine Inge, and Jennifer McDonough August 2018
Other Disability and Rehabilitation Research Project on Customized Employment Customized Employment Case Study #3 Jenny Lichte, Dr. Mary Ann Beckman, Dr. Laura Owens, and Dr. Katherine Inge December 2018
Web site Disability Counts Data Finder RTC: Rural at the University of Montana
Webcast Disability Disparities Allen Lewis, Andrew Imparato, Phillip Rumrill, Keith Wilson September 2009
Webcast Disability Diversity Training: A Review of Potential Evidence-based Factors Brian Phillips February 2015
Toolkit Disability Mentoring Toolkit Mike Caprara October 2017
Plain language summary Disclosing Disability in the Employment Setting: Perspectives from Workers with Multiple Sclerosis VCU-RRTC June 2018
Webcast Disclosing Disability in the Workplace Phillip Rumrill 2017
Webcast Discovering ME: Using a Youth-focused Discovery Process to Build Customized Work-based Learning Experiences Lisa Holland, Kendel St. John June 2018
Web site Diversity Best Practices - African-American Organizations to Know
Plain language summary Early Intervention: Services for Young Children and Families in Poverty Project E3
Other Early Psychosis Intervention Tamara Sale, Pat McGorry, Heather Stavely, Susan T. Azrin, Amy B. Goldstein, Robert K. Heinssen, Nicholas Buekea, Nybelle Caruso, Ken Purdy & Tena Purdy, Andre Pruitt & Shannon Blajeski, Donald Addington, Sara Deal, Valerie Alt, Ryan Melton, Sandra L. Reeseto, Marrissa Gottlob & Sean Roush. April 2016
Plain language summary Easing Transition for Foster Youth with Disabilities Project E3 May 2018
Fact sheet Effective Practices and Predictors of Positive Employment Outcomes
Plain language summary Effective Strategies for a Dual-Customer Approach Project E3 March 2019
Webcast Employees with ASD: Tips for Educating Employers and Colleagues Whitney Ham, Alissa Brooke September 2013
Plain language summary Employees with Autism Spectrum Disorder Achieving Long-Term Employment Success: A Retrospective Review of Employment Retention and Intervention VCU-RRTC June 2018
Fact sheet Employment and Disability: Expanding Employment Opportunities
Toolkit Employment and Living with HIV/AIDS Toolkit
Webcast Employment and Social Security Disability Benefits – Important Considerations Laura Coffey February 2014
Webcast Employment and Supplemental Security Insurance for Transition Age Youth Lucy Miller June 2014
Fact sheet Employment disparity grows for rural Americans with disability Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities 2019
Webcast Employment First for Transitioning Youth Jessica Stehle September 2016
Webcast Employment for Individuals with Disabilities with Criminal Records Dennis Born April 2007
Webcast Employment for People with Physical Disabilities: The ADA & Section 503 Wendy Strobel-Gower, M.S 2017
Plain language summary Employment Goals and Settings: Effects of Individual and Systemic Factors VCU-RRTC June 2018
Fact sheet Employment of Workers with Disabilities at Subminimum Wages: Fact Sheet #39 U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division July 2008
Webcast Employment Outcomes after Multiple Sclerosis: Findings Among Participants Identified through Clinical Service Setting James Krause August 2017
Webcast Employment Outcomes After Traumatic Brain Injury: Does Race/Ethnicity Matter? Juan Carlos Arango, Kelli Williams Gary October 2009
Web site Employment Protections For Workers Who Are Pregnant or Nursing
Toolkit Employment Tool Kit
Other Engaging Women in Trauma-Informed Peer Support: A Guidebook
Toolkit English Language Toolkit:Early Vocabulary Intervention Study For Latino Non-English Speaking Students
Web site Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
Fact sheet Everyone Likes to Hang Out and Kind of Meet New People: Descriptions of Social Inclusion in College S. M. Prohn June 2017
Book chapter Evidence-based practice and research utilization. Pp. 391-412. Chan, F., Sung, C., Muller, V., Wang, C. C., Fujikawa, M., & Anderson, C. A.
Toolkit Evidence-Based Practice Toolkit for VR Counselors
PowerPoint presentation Evidence-Based Practices in Vocational Rehabilitation: Results of a National Delphi Study Dr. Michael Leahy, Dr. Roy Del Valle, Trenton Landon, Dr. Susan Sherman, and Dr. Fong Chan May 2016
Plain language summary Examining Biases to Support Employment as a Means out of Poverty
Web site Executive Order 13166
Webcast Experiences of Veterans with Amputation: An Exploration of Work and Life Post-Injury Benjamin Darter, Carolyn Hawley, and Amy Armstrong 2018
Web site ExploreVR
White paper Factors contributing to successful employment outcomes for Hispanic women who are deaf: Utilization of chi-squared automatic interaction detector and logistic regression analysis Amber M. Feist July 2013
Plain language summary Family Views on Integrated Employment Project E3 July 2019
Other Finding Homes for Rural Foster Children Kathleen Belanger November 2013
Research brief Focal Point: Co-Occurring Disorders L. Kris Gowen, E. M. Lofgren, Benjamin John Chin, Sarah Nerad, Molly Oberweiser Kennedy, Brittany Smith, Milo Rymes, Susan Richardson, Jim Carlton, Laura Nissen, Michael Dennis, Kate Moritz, Shannon Crossbear, Brigitte Manteuffel, &Casadi "Khaki" Marino April 2014
Research brief Focal Point: Education & Employment L. Kris Gowen, Lee Ann Phillips, Shereen Oca, Sarah Geenen, Laurie Powers, Jessica McKenna , Charles Lidz, William Fisher, Rosalie Torres Stone, Eileen Brennan, Peggy Nygren, Robert Stephens, Miriam Heyman, Nerlie Ogilus, Michelle Porche, Myra Rosen-Reynoso, Jo-Ann Sowers, Jonathan Delman & Marsha Langer Ellison, Kathryn Sabella, Lisa Smith, Maria, Lea, Maggie, Ashley, Joe Marrone & Stephaine Taylor . May 2013
Research brief Focal Point: Healthy Body – Healthy Mind L. Kris Gowen, Casadi Marino, Ezoria Aisuan, Robert W. Roeser, Celeste Moser, Danielle N. Walsh, Victor Vieweg, Mehrul Hasnain, Ryan Melton "Chris", e* corbin, L. Kris Gowen, Belinda Garner, Lisa Phillips, & Patrick D. McGorry May 2012
Research brief Focal Point: Trauma-Informed Care John D. Ossowskil, Julie M. Rosenzweig, Samantha Chudyk, Julie M. Rosenzweig, Jesse Homan, Ajit N. Jetmalani, Margaret E. Blaustein, Kristine M. Kinniburgh, Melanie Funchess, Debra Cady, Eric C. Lulow, Diane K. Yatchmenof, Rebecca B. Flatow, Mary Blake, Larke N. Huang, & Jane Halladay Goldman May 2015
Report Forgotten Children: A Case for Action for Children and Youth with Disabilities in Foster Care
Fact sheet Fortalecimiento de Apoyo Familiar para Jóvenes con Necesidades de Salud Mental en la Transición a la Edad Adulta: Una Hoja de Consejos para Proveedores de Servicios Pauline Jivanjee, Eileen Brennan, y Claudia Sellmaier February 2014
Report Foster Youth Demonstration Project July 2008
Online training Get Ready for College March 2018
Fact sheet Getting the Most out of Vocational Rehabilitation November 2016
Other Getting to Work: A Case Study Report on Accessible Transportation Projects Center for Workers with Disabilities’ Transportation Work Group
Web site Going Back to Work – Information on Breastfeeding
Other Guideposts for Success The National Collaborative on Workforce & Disability for Youth (NCWD/Youth)
Fact sheet Health Resources and Services Administration
Research brief Healthy Transition Initiative Issue Brief 1- Impact at the Local Community Level Nancy Koroloff, Janet S. Walker, Gwendolyn White.
Research brief Healthy Transition Initiative Issue Brief 2-Policy Impact at the State Level Nancy Koroloff, Janet S. Walker, Gwendolyn White,
Research brief Healthy Transition Initiative Issue Brief 3- Young Adult Outcomes Nancy Koroloff & Kirsten Painter
Fact sheet Helping Young Adults from Foster Care Succeed in College Heidi Feight, Breanna Bell, Ashley Conway, Shannon Turner, Neal Naigus, and Laurie Powers September 2016
Plain language summary Higher Education for Ex-Offenders: Thinking Beyond the Box ProjectE3 September 2017
Fact sheet HIV/AIDS in Rural America: Challenges and Promising Strategies Susan Dreisbach, Ph.D.
Other HIV/AIDS in Rural America: Prevalence and Service Availability Medha Vyavaharkar, Saundra Glover, Deshia Leonhirth, Janice Probst January 2013
Web site Housing Assistance Council
Web site How poverty affects children’s brains Kimberly G. Noble October 2015
Fact sheet How to Collect Data on Social Skills Emily Helmboldt
Plain language summary How to Support Employment Goals of Youth with Autism Project E3 February 2019
Web site iCanConnect
Web site IDEAS That Work: Preparing children and youth with disabilities for success
Fact sheet Identifying and Overcoming Transportation Barriers for Clients National Aging and Disability Transportation Center (NADTC) 2016
Fact sheet If, When, And How To Disclose To An Employer That You Have A Mental Health Disability August 2012
Web site
Fact sheet Implementing the Discovery Process Ellen Condon
Research brief Implementing the Peer Support Specialist Role: Peer Support in a Youth-led Drop-in Center January 2014
Research brief Implementing the Peer Support Specialist Role: Providing Direct, Individualized Support in a Local Program December 2013
Research brief Implementing the Peer Support Specialist Role: Youth Peer Support in Wraparound This information brief provides an example of how one state has implemented and supported the Peer Support Specialist role for youth with serious mental health conditions. The brief covers aspects of training, coaching, supervision, role definition and financing; and describes a series of challenges and solutions November 2013
Webcast Improvement and Use of Social Skills in the Labor Market for People with Physical Disabilities Brian Phillips July 2018
Toolkit Improving Outcomes for Youth With Disabilities in Juvenile Corrections
Web site Improving Public Transportation for America's Communities
Webcast In Their Own Words: The Career Planning Experiences of College Students with ASD Liz Getzel February 2015
Webcast Individualized Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Young Adults with ASD: A Case Study Mark Peterson, Erik Smith September 2016
Web site Institute for Educational Leadership
Webcast Intense Supports for Social Skills Delivery at the High School Level Erin Stone, Stacy Ulrich August 2015
Online training Introduction to Social Security Disability Benefits, Work Incentives, and Employment Support Programs Web Course March 2018
Plain language summary Is Motivational Interviewing a Part of Your Rehabilitation Counseling Practice? ProjectE3 April 2018
Webcast Job Site Accommodations Patricia Burns and Thomas Rybak 2017
Web site Joblinks
Plain language summary JobTIPS: Helping Youth with ASD Transition to Employment Project E3
Other Justice and Recovery John D. Ossowski, et al. April 2017
Plain language summary Kentucky ProjectE3 March 2017
Other Kentucky Disability Resource Manual: A Handbook of Program Descriptions, Eligibility Criteria, and Contact Information. Updated December 2013 Human Development Institute December 2013
Report Kentucky’s Work Matters Task Force Report Adam Meier, Chris Skates, Office of Governor Matt Bevin 2018
Webcast Keys to Success for Supporting VR Clients with Autism Jessica Stehle September 2014
Web site League of United Latin American Citizens
Toolkit Leisure Education Toolkit for Parents with Mental Illnesses 2018
Web site Let Everyone Participate
Other Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Implementation Strategy for Federally Assisted Programs
Report LOW-WAGE WORKERS: Poverty and Use of Selected Federal Social Safety Net Programs Persist among Working Families October 2017
Webcast Making Room for Employment Best Practices: Lessons Learned From Agencies Nancy Brooks-Lane May 2018
Plain language summary Making the Cut When Applying for Jobs Online VCU-RRTC June 2018
Webcast Meaningful Writing: Capturing Strengths and Ideal Conditions of Employment Doug Crandell August 2017
Report Measuring Disparities in Child Welfare Systems: Five Lessons The Annie E. Casey Foundation June 2017
Plain language summary Mental Health Caregivers on Community Inclusion ProjectE3 December 2016
White paper Mentoring as a Disability Inclusion Strategy September 2017
Online training Money Smart - A Financial Education Program Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Web site Montana/Idaho Deaf-Blind Collaborative
Fact sheet Motivational Interviewing Strategies and Techniques: Rationales and Examples Sobell and Sobell 2013
Toolkit Motivational Interviewing Toolkit
Webcast Motivational Interviewing: Facilitating Change Across Boundaries Dr. William Miller 2009
Book Motivational interviewing: Preparing people to change addictive behavior Miller, W. R. and Rollnick, S.
Web site National Aging and Disability Transportation Center
Web site National Association for Bilingual Education
Web site National Association for Rural Mental Health (NARMH)
Web site National Black Child Development Institute
Web site National Center for Cultural Competence
Web site National Center for Trauma-Informed Care and Alternatives to Seclusion and Restraint (NCTIC)
Web site National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse
Web site National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness for people working and living with children with dual sensory impairments.
Web site National Disability Institute National Disability Institute
Report National Disability Policy: A Progress Report - October 2017 October 2017
Web site National Health Law Program (NHeLP)
Web site National Hispanic Health Foundation (NHHF)
Web site National Rural Institute on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Fact sheet National Standards & Quality Indicators for secondary education and transition The National Alliance for Secondary Education and Transition
Web site National Technical Assistance Center on Transition (NTACT)
Web site Native One Stop
Webcast Navigating the Social Highway: A Road Map of Social Skills Programming for ASD Wendy Clayton, Teresa Crowson July 2015
Fact sheet Navigating Tunnels and Cliffs: Empowering Families and Caregivers to Assist Youth with Mental Health Needs in Preparing for Work NCWD/Youth
Other Negotiating the Curves Toward Employment: A Guide About Youth Involved in the Foster Care System
Web site Office of Native American Programs (ONAP)
Report On Pins & Needles: Caregivers of Adults with Mental Illness February 2016
Fact sheet Osers Transition Data Fact Sheet September 2015
Webcast Overcoming Job Barriers Facing Vets With Criminal Records Stephan Haimowitz April 2009
Other Overcoming Language Barriers Solutions for Law Enforcement Susan Shah, Insha Rahman, Anita Khashu
Webcast Overview: What are the challenges for youth with psychiatric disabilities as they transition to adulthood Maryann Davis September 2015
Plain language summary Partners in Employment: Building Strong Coalitions to Facilitate Systems Change for Youth and Young Adults VCU-RRTC June 2018
Plain language summary Partnerships in Employment: A State VR Initiative Project E3 April 2019
Report People with Disabilities and the Prison System: New Report Promotes Reform ProjectE3 October 2016
Webcast People with Physical Disabilities Speak out About They Want and Need to Know About Employment Katherine Inge January 2018
Webcast Perceptions of Psychiatric Services Held by African American Males: Implications for Service Providers & Researchers Mark Richardson, Aisha Shamburger, Kelli Williams Gary April 2010
Research brief Phase II Findings: Models of Effective Practice, Policy, and Procedures
Research brief Phase II Findings: Promising Organizational Practices
Research brief Phase II Findings: Promising Service Delivery Practices
Plain language summary Policy Matters: Poverty & People with Intellectual Disabilities Project E3
Report Potential Strategies to Improve the Employment Outcomes of Youth SSI Recipients Honeycutt, Todd; Wittenburg, David; Luecking, Richard; Crane, Kelli; & Mann, David R. April 2018
Web site Poverty and Disability: At the Intersection of Place and Policy Blog
Web site Poverty shrinks brains from birth Sara Reardon March 2015
Web site Pregnancy Discrimination U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Webcast Principles for Effective Financial Education Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Office of Financial Education
Webcast Principles for Effective Financial Education Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Office of Financial Education
Webcast Process of Discovery Ellen Condon August 2014
Webcast Project Career: Promoting Cognitive Support Technology Use, Academic Success, and Competitive Employment Outcomes for Postsecondary Students with Traumatic Brain Injuries Phillip Rumrill October 2017
Web site Project on Social Security in Rural Areas Reveals Impact of the Program on Local Economies
PowerPoint presentation Promoting and Supporting Evidence-Based Rehabilitation Practice with Knowledge Translation John Lui and Cayte Anderson February 2015
Toolkit Promoting Employment and Economic Advancement: A Toolkit for CILs and AJCs LEAD Center March 2016
Fact sheet Protecting the Civil Rights of Students in the Juvenile Justice System December 2016
Plain language summary Psychological Practice in Rural Settings: At the Cutting Edge Project E3 October 2018
Webcast Putting Social Security Administration (SSA) Benefits to Work: The Path to Financial Self-Sufficiency Beth Keeton 2018
Fact sheet Q & A on Customized Employment: Informational Interviews Dr. Katherine Inge, Nancy Brooks-Lane, and Dr. Carolyn Graham 2018
Fact sheet Q & A on Customized Employment: Parent Questions Answered! Dr. Katherine Inge August 2018
Webcast Quality Elements of Customized Employment Katherine Inge September 2017
Report Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Special Education—A Multi-Year Disproportionality Analysis by State, Analysis Category, and Race/Ethnicity February 2016
Web site RAISE
Plain language summary Raising Expectations for U.S. Youth with Disabilities: Federal Disability Policy Advances Integrated Employment Project E3 May 2018
Web site Real People, Real Jobs
White paper Reducing Recidivism and Improving Outcomes for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System July 2014
Web site Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC) on Research and Capacity Building for Minority Entities
Web site Rehabilitation Services Administration
Research brief Research Brief: Rural and Urban Vocational Rehabilitation Self-Employment Outcomes Catherine Ipsen October 2016
Fact sheet Resource Sheet for Job Seekers The National Research and Training Center on Blindness and Low Vision
Report Roadmap for Foster Care and K–12 Data Linkages: Key Focus Areas to Ensure Quality Implementation February 2017
Web site Rural & Native Initiative
Web site Rural & Tribal Passenger Transportation Technical Assistance through CTAA
Web site Rural Americans: Disabled, or Just Desperate? ProjectE3 April 2017
Research brief Rural Behavioral Health: Telehealth Challenges and Opportunities Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Web site Rural Coalition/Coalición
Web site Rural Disability Resource Library
Other Rural Dropout Prevention Resources Video
Toolkit Rural Financing Best Practices: Unlocking the Development Finance Toolbox in Rural America
Web site Rural Health Information Hub
Web site Rural Health Information Hub- Substance Abuse in Rural Areas
Other Rural Impact
Fact sheet Rural Impact
Web site Rural School Dropout Issues Implications for Dropout Prevention Strategies and Programs
Web site SAMHSA: Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT)
Web site Scholar Works
Other Self-Sufficiency, Welfare & Employment
Report Sharing Data to Benefit Kids: A Guide for Child Welfare and Education Systems The Annie E. Casey Foundation May 2017
White paper Six charts that illustrate the divide between rural and urban America Brian Thiede, Lillie Greiman, Stephan Weiler, Steven C. Beda, Tessa Conroy March 2017
Report Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Beneficiaries Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired: Working to Improve Employment Outcomes. J. Martin Giesen Adele Crudden, P B. J. LeJeune December 2016
Plain language summary Social Skills Training for Students with Disabilities: Does It Work? Project E3 January 2019
Web site Southern Poverty Law Center
Other Southern Rural Development Center Study
Web site Special Employment-Subminimum Wage Provisions
Other Spotlight on PATH Practices and Programs: Motivational Interviewing The Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH) Technical Assistance Center 2010
Plain language summary SSDI and SSI Beneficiaries with Mental Illness Benefit from Evidence-Based Supported Employment 2019
Plain language summary SSDI and SSI Beneficiaries with Mental Illness Benefit from EvidenceBased Supported Employment
Web site State-Level Provisions for Pregnancy Accommodation and Pregnancy-Related Disability
Other State-of-the-Science Conference Proceedings September 2013
Other Strategic Sharing Workbook: Youth Voice in Advocacy July 2012
Webcast Strategies to Address Disability Disparities Allen Lewis, Reginald Alston, Andrew Imparato, Phillip Rumrill, & Keith Wilson November 2009
Fact sheet Strengthening Family Support for Young People with Mental Health Needs in the Transition to Adulthood: A Tip Sheet for Service Providers Pauline Jivanjee, Eileen Brennan, and Claudia Sellmaier February 2012
Webcast Stronger Economies Together: Helping Rural Counties Excel through Regional Approaches
Fact sheet Student Loans, For-Profit Colleges, and Traditional Colleges: Some Things You Should Know Before Borrowing June 2012
Plain language summary Substance Abuse Counselors Identify Barriers to Treatment Project E3 June 2018
Fact sheet Sugerencias para tus Reuniones en Equipo: Una Guía para Jóvenes December 2015
Webcast Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Self-Employment Lucy Miller April 2018
Other Supplemental Security Income for Children with Disabilities Shawn Fremstad and Rebecca Vallas November 2012
Other Supported Employment Quality Features Guide WINTAC 2018
Webcast Supporting Adults with ASD in the Workplace using Behavior Supports Carol Schall July 2012
Webcast Supporting Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders through a Model Public VR Program James Rothrock, Richard Kriner August 2012
Research brief Supporting Youth Transitioning out of Foster Care Issue Brief 3: Employment Programs (OPRE Report No. 2014-70) Sara Edelstein and Christopher Lowenstein December 2014
Other TANF and Disability--Importance of Supports for Families with Disabilities in Welfare Reform
Web site TANF Rural Communities Initiative
Webcast Teaching Individuals with ASD Skills for Building Relationships and Friendships Amanda Randall May 2016
Web site Telecom Toolbox; A Resource for Job Seekers and Service Providers
Web site Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
Web site Ten Keys to Happiness Guidebook March 2017
Web site The American Indian Disability Technical Assistance Center (AIDTAC)
Plain language summary The Benefits of Employing People with a Mental Health Disability Project E3 August 2019
Plain language summary The Case for Hope Project E3 November 2018
Web site The Clean Slate Clearinghouse Project U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)
Plain language summary The Diversity Partners Project: Multi-Systemic Knowledge Translation and Business Engagement Strategies to Improve Employment of People with Disabilities VCU-RRTC June 2018
Webcast The Effectiveness of Customized Employment for Transition-age Youth with Disabilities Jennifer McDonough 2018
Plain language summary The Elephant in the Room: Poverty, Disability, and Employment Project E3 September 2018
Other The Federal Bonding Program Brochure: Employers and Job Seekers U.S. Department of Labor
Other The Federal Bonding Program Brochure: State Coordinators U.S. Department of Labor
Other The Forerunners Fong Chan, Patrick Maher, and Audrey Smith Fields January 2010
Plain language summary The Impact of Employment Goals and Settings on People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Project E3 October 2019
Plain language summary The Link between Disability and Poverty: 25 Years after the ADA ProjectE3 October 2016
Toolkit The National Standards and Quality Indicators: Transition Toolkit for Systems Improvement The National Alliance for Secondary Education and Transition
Webcast The Pathway from Discovery to Job Development: Essential Steps for Customized Employment Success Cary Griffin June 2016
Plain language summary The Poverty Disability Model: 4 Risk Factors Project E3 August 2018
Fact sheet The Reentry Employment Opportunities (REO) Program Fact Sheet United States Department of Labor - Employment and Training Administration (ETA)
Web site The Rural Disability Resource Library
Webcast The Social Side of ASD Amanda Armstrong March 2013
Web site The Strong African American Families (SAAF)
Webcast The Three T’s of Transition: Tools for the Transition Process Emily Helmboldt, Taryn Goodwin August 2014
Webcast The Three-Factor Model for Counseling Culturally Diverse Individuals Allen Lewis, Aisha Shamburger July 2010
Web site The Ticket to Work Program Website
Toolkit Things People Never Told Me Adrienne Croskey, Brad Pitts, Candis Williamson Charlie McNeely, Mary Welch, Mika Wilder, Nicole Stapp, Pamela Butler &Shannon Turner October 2012
Web site Ticket to Work Service Provider Outreach Toolkit
Fact sheet Tips for Your Team Meetings: A Guide for Youth November 2013
Fact sheet Tips on Core Competencies for Transition Service Pauline Jivanjee, Eileen Brennan, & Claudia Sellmaier September 2012
Plain language summary Tips to Increase Transportation Access for People At-Risk Project E3 December 2018
Toolkit Toolkit for Operating a Rural Transportation Voucher Program
Plain language summary Toward Competitive Employment for Persons with Intellectual and Development Disabilities: What Progress Have We Made and Where Do We Need to Go VCU-RRTC June 2018
Webcast Transition for Youth with Autism from School to Adulthood: Critical Considerations Emily Helmboldt August 2012
Fact sheet Transition for Youth with Serious Mental Illness
Webcast Transition Planning for Students with ASD in Public Schools Adam Dreyfus, Kristin Herman August 2013
Fact sheet Transition Planning for Youth with Disabilities: From Incarceration to the Community
Other Transition Planning Tips for Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Youth with Disabilities
Other Transition Resources for VR Counselors Ronica A. Marable 2018
Webcast Transition Services And Funding: Sam's Project SEARCH Real Example Mark Peterson, Sherrina Sewell, Sam Hulcher, Bradford Hulcher September 2017
Webcast Transition to independent living settings for youth with ASD Shaloni Winston, Nancy Desando September 2015
Webcast Transition to postsecondary education for students with ASD: What families and students need to know Shaloni Winston, Nancy Desando August 2015
Toolkit Transition Toolkit 3.0: Meeting the Educational Needs of Youth Exposed to the Juvenile Justice System Heather Griller. Sarup Mather, Leslie Brook, Mindee O'Cummings, and Deangela Milligan, NDTAC December 2016
Webcast Transition Youth with ASD: Tips for Parents Shawn Henry and Chris Filler 2016
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