Disability Awareness: Increasing Employers Understanding of the ADA, Accommodations & Other Supports in the Workplace
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course outline

i. introduction

ii. history

iii. myth & facts

iv. research

v. etiquette

vi. case studies

vii. resources

viii. completion certificate


myths & facts  

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III.  Myths and Facts about Workers with Disabilities

Myths are roadblocks that interfere with the ability of people with disabilities to have equality in employment. These roadblocks usually result from a lack of experience and interaction with people with disabilities. This lack of familiarity has nourished negative attitudes concerning the abilities of people with disabilities.

Listed below are some common myths and the facts that tell the real story. Which are myths and which are facts?

  1. Hiring employees with disabilities slightly increases workers compensation insurance rates for business.

Myth     Fact

  1. Employees with disabilities have the same absentee rate as those employees without disabilities.

Myth     Fact

  1. A large percentage of persons with disabilities are unable to meet job performance standards.

Myth     Fact

  1. Persons with disabilities have difficulty getting to work.

Myth     Fact

  1. Most workers with disabilities require special accommodations.

Myth     Fact

  1. Seventy-five percent (75%) of reasonable accommodations cost more than $500.

Myth     Fact

  1. Safety records reveal that workers with disabilities and those without disabilities have the same rate of on-the-job accidents.

Myth     Fact

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