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September 2013

Introducing the VCU ACE-IT in College Program

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The VCU ACE-IT in College program is a five semester inclusive, on-campus college experience for young adults with intellectual disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, or autism. With the support of an education coach, ACE-IT in College students take VCU classes and participate in VCU activities. In addition to taking classes, students participate in internships, employment, service learning, and social experiences, as the goal of the program for each student is competitive employment in an area in which the student is interested and can excel in through taking VCU courses. VCU ACE-IT in College invites you to explore its new website,

News Release

VCU Will Lead $62 Million Study of Traumatic Brain Injuries in Military Personnel

VCU has been awarded a five-year, $62.2 million federal grant to oversee a national research consortium of military, VA and academic universities, hospitals and clinics that will study the chronic effects of concussion on service members and Veterans.

This nationwide research Consortium will also partner with civilian research efforts (including the NFL, CDC, NIH) to better understand short and long-term effects, factors, and treatment strategies. This grant is the largest in VCU history. The concussions that will be studied include both combat injuries, such as those from blasts and bullets, and civilian injuries, such as those from car accidents, sports injuries and falls. For more information:

VCU leads consortium investigating traumatic brain injury YouTube

VCU Will Lead $62 Million Study of Traumatic Brain Injuries in Military Personnel

VCU to lead major study of concussion

Research Monograph

Project Empowerement MonographRace, Ethnicity, and Disability Research: Modern Advancements and Future Endeavors in the Field

This research monograph represents the mission of VCU Project Empowerment. This grant project was developed to:

  1. evaluate the current practice and methods use to conduct minority disability research,
  2. offer research findings initiated at VCU, and
  3. improve the research capacity of partner minority-serving institutions.

This monograph describes the culmination of minority disability research conducted directly under the auspices of the VCU Project Empowerment over the past 4 years. The research highlights multi-ethnic and multicultural issues for a myriad of disabilities. The monograph includes results from several surveys developed to evaluate the capacity to conduct and utilize minority disability research among rehabilitation faculty and professionals, as well as, the perception of its usefulness to minority rehabilitation consumers. At-A-Glance Brochure & Order Online

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