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Jan/Feb 2014

Upcoming RRTC on Employment of People with Physical Disabilities Webcast

Laura Coffey Employment & Social Security Disability Benefits by Laura Coffey

Feb 13 | 2-3 PM ET

This training will provide a brief overview of the impact of earnings on disability benefits, as well as other important things to consider as you return to work. Participants will learn what to prepare for, how to access and utilize work incentives, how and when to report to Social Security and other required entities; as well as where to access additional help and information about the impact of employment on benefits.

You may register for the 8 video series or for single webcasts. Meet the Presenters and Register

Upcoming Autism Center for Excellence (VCU-ACE) Webcast

Barbara WebbInclusion: Making the Marriage Work - Part 2 by Barbara Webb, Ed. D.

Feb 11 | 3:30 - 4:30 PM ET

All children are able to learn, just not in the same way. Autism is an information-processing difference that affects: communication, social interaction, sensory response, and learning and thinking. Part 1 discussed academic strategies for the classroom. This presentation will address strategies for the unstructured time within the school day, environmental supports, social supports, and communication supports. Dr. Webb will also discuss strategies for managing behavioral challenges.

To register for this webcast, visit the VCU-ACE website.

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Employees with ASD: Tips for Educating Employers and Colleagues

Employees with ASD

Whitney Ham and Alissa Molinelli talk about employees with autism spectrum disorders and tips for educating employers and colleagues. Alissa and Whitney have both worked with individuals with autism spectrum disorders for several years. This presentation gives a bit of a background on autism spectrum disorder and how it can present in the workplace and more specific details about certain challenges that may be seen in working with this individual and also strategies for success. Visit our YouTube Channel

New JVR Article Available

Promoting transition to adulthood for youth with physical disabilities and health impairments

Targett, P., Wehman, P., West, M., Dillard, C. & Cifu, G. (2013). Promoting transition to adulthood for youth with physical disabilities and health impairments. Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, 39, 229-239.

Post school outcomes for individuals with disabilities have been consistently poor, when compared to individuals without disabilities, in the areas of employment and education. This article takes a look at issues involved in the transition of youth with orthopedic or physical disabilities (OPD) and other health impairments (OHI). It begins with an overview of OPD and OHI students. This is followed by information on how to improve transition from school to work and postsecondary education outcomes through assessment; effective instruction; and individualized supports.

Read the full text article

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Statement by Secretary Hagel on the Disabilities Treaty

FCC Adopts New Rules to Make Video Technology Accessible to People with Disabilities

Public Invited to Disability Program Hearings

25th Annual APSE National Conference

Committee Promotes Workplace Equality

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