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E-Announcement February 2015

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Supported Employment Web-Based Certificate Series - ACRE Certified - March 2 - This course provides an extensive overview of supported employment and how to facilitate competitive jobs for individuals with significant disabilities. Topics include: federal policy; customer profile; job development; working with employers; job-site strategies; support plans; and alternative funding. Details

Supported Competitive Employment for Individuals with Mental Illness - ACRE Certified - March 2 - This course provides an extensive overview of supported competitive employment for individuals with mental illness. Topics include: individual placement model; marketing to businesses; support needs; job development; and benefits counseling. Details

Real Work for Real Pay for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder - March 23 - This course highlights the best practices that facilitate employment outcomes for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Participants will learn about the concepts related to implementing high quality individualized supported employment services. Topics include: supported employment; characteristics of autism; person centered planning; working with businesses; job supports; and job retention. Details

Job Development - March 30 - Job development is the "process of locating and creating work opportunities for individuals with disabilities". This is achieved by earning an opportunity to engage an employer and from there hopefully moving on to earning a commitment to meet, interview, and hire a specific job seeker. This course covers specific principles associated with job development via online lectures and readings and then requires the learner to take action on his or her behalf to further develop a particular skill. Details

Transition to Work for Individuals with Autism - April 6 - Careful transition planning from secondary education is critical for young people with ASD to be successful. This course will provide the participant with an in-depth understanding of the concepts related to positive transition planning for youth with autism. The issues, challenges, and strategies that are involved with helping young people with autism participate to the fullest degree in society will be examined. Details

Supported Employment for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury - May 11 - Early demonstration projects paved the way for using a supported employment approach for someone who has sustained traumatic brain injury (TBI). This course will offer participants an overview of TBI and the supported employment literature suggestions on specific strategies to use to get to know the job seeker, look at possible workplace supports with an emphasis on compensatory memory strategies and some insight into ways to provide pro-active job retention services. Details

Overview of Self-Employment for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities - May 25 - Self-employment is increasingly recognized as a viable employment option for people with disabilities. Self employment for individuals with disabilities involves minimizing the fears of the prospective business-owner, as well as the rehabilitation and local small business development professionals who assist them. Topics include: the Discovery Process; business plans; feasibility studies; community supports; funding; and work incentives. Details

New Employing People with Disabilities: A Business Perspective - June 1 - Employing People with Disabilities: A Business Perspective is an online course designed for employers who want solutions to increasing disability workplace diversity. At the conclusion of the course, participants will be better able to build a more diverse and inclusive culture by implementing a number of practical and forward-thinking strategies. Details

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