Resources: Veterans

Answering the Civilian Call of Duty to Uphold the Employment and Reemployment Rights of Uniformed Service Members: A Discussion of Obligations

Beyond yellow ribbons: Are employers prepared to hire, accommodate and retain returning veterans with disabilities?

Defining Green Jobs

Effectiveness of supported employment for veterans with spinal cord injuries: results from a randomized multisite study

Healthcare Options for Veterans

Homeless Veterans and the Criminal Justice System: New Developments and other resources

HVRP Factsheet #1: Understanding the VA and DoD Disability Benefit System

HVRP Factsheet #10: Customized Job Development for Homeless Veterans with Disabilities

HVRP Factsheet #2: Using Tax Credits to Encourage Hiring of Homeless and Disabled Veterans

HVRP Factsheet #3: State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies: An Under-Utilized Resource of Homeless and Disabled Veterans Fact

HVRP Factsheet #4: Quality Indicators for Projects Serving Veterans with Significant Employment Barriers

HVRP Factsheet #5: Resources for Veterans with Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress

HVRP Factsheet #6: Ex-Offenders and Employment

HVRP Factsheet #7: Asset Building: A Hand Up Out of Poverty for Homeless Veterans

HVRP Factsheet #8: Informational Interviews

HVRP Factsheet #9: Benefits & Employment Services for Veterans with Disabilities

HVRP: Understanding the VA and DoD Disability Benefit System

HVRP: Using Tax Credits to Encourage

Individual Unemployability Fact Sheet

Quality Indicators for Review of Competitive Employment Qutcomes for Veterans with a Disability

Self-Employment Q & A: Disabled Veterans and Self-Employment

Substance Abuse and Employment of Homeless Veterans

The Role of Veteran’s Disability Benefits in Community Reintegration and Employment of Service Members with TBI

Veterans Information Gathering Tool