Resources: Self-Employment

A Review of Policies and Practices Impacting Self Employment Outcomes Within the Federal/State Vocational Rehabilitation System

Achievements and Challenges in Employment Services for People with Disabilities: The Longitudinal Impact of Workplace Supports Monograph

Admiralty Westside Lodge - William (Bill) Brent

An analysis of self-employment outcomes within the Federal/State Vocational Rehabilitation System

Determining when a Beneficiary is an Employee or Self-Employed

Disabled Businesspersons Association (DBA)

Entrepreneurship and Individuals with Disabilities

Frequently Asked Questions about How Self-Employment Affects Social Security Disability Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions about Self Employment

Jimbo's Jumbos: A primer on small business planning

Joe's Story As Told by His Parents to START-UP/USA


Promoting Self-Employment

Q & A on Customized Employment: Self-Employment as a Customized Employment Outcome

Self-Employment And Social Security Disability Benefits

Self-Employment Q & A: An Analysis of Self-Employment Outcomes within the Vocational Rehabilitation System

Self-Employment Q & A: Selecting a Business Structure

Self-Employment Q & A: Self-Employment as a Customized Employment Outcome

Self-Employment Q & A: Assistance not Assessment: Getting at the Heart of Small Business Feasibility

Self-Employment Q & A: Community Resources for Small Business Development

Self-Employment Q & A: Cultivating Social Capital

Self-Employment Q & A: Developing a Business Plan

Self-Employment Q & A: Discovery

Self-Employment Q & A: Frequently Asked Questions from Families

Self-Employment Q & A: Information on Entrepreneurship for Youth with Disabilities

Self-Employment Q & A: Low Cost/No Cost Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Self-Employment Q & A: Small Business Development Centers

Self-Employment Strategies for People with Disabilities

Self-Employment: Improving Policy and Practice

START-UP/Florida Case Study: Monllor Rods, LLC

START-UP/Florida Shares Leila's Story

Start-Up/Florida Student Turns Passion for Art Into a Vocation

START-UP/NY Case Study: The Real Estate Society

Starting a Business Under a PASS

Successful Business > Successful Life: One Entrepreneurs Success Story

Successful Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Speak Out


The Role of Benefits Planning Assistance & Outreach Benefits Specialist in Self-Employment Cases Fact Sheet

The viability of self-employment for individuals with disabilities in the United States: A synthesis of the empirical-research literature

Turning Adversity Into Opportunity

Wage Employment vs Self-Employment Briefing Paper

WORK AS A PRIORITY - Issues Brief #5: Self Employment and Social Enterprise Planning